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We believe purpose drives growth


We've found successful small businesses have owners driven by a purpose higher than themselves.

Supporting family, building community, spreading your is what keeps you in the game through the daily frustration and constant uncertainty that is entrepreneurship.


Our passion is to help you understand your business's cycles and inflection points and then find the best strategies and opportunities for growth based on your needs and passions.

Our industry experts demystify your accounting and show you how to use the 'language' of business as a tool to accelerate improvement and growth. 


We lead you through exercises to discover how your business will best serve you and your customers. 

With that foundation of understanding how you best serve your customers, we lead to determine the best path forward and to implement the next steps in creating the business of your dreams.



Michael Madden

An entrepreneurial CPA firm owner, leveraging technology and creating processes to improve how an accounting firm can provide value to your business.

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*Business Income Tax Return
*Personal Income Tax Return
*Tax Notice Management
*"Safe Harbor" Tax Estimates
*CPA reviews returns by video
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